The heating and cooking oven was designed as a dual-use device. Its clever concept combines the central heating system and simultaneously prepares your favorite dishes. The wide range of oven accessories available on the market allows to design devices that meet not only high quality standards, but also individual esthetic tastes. However, before you make your choice, you need to know what it is and how the oven works on wood. The heating and cooking oven works well as central heating equipment, as well as old-style kitchen for cooking and roasting. High thermal efficiency up to 85% in the central heating system with the correct power can serve to heat up a room area of 60 sq. m..

The combination between the central heating unit and the wood hob is the ideal solution that combines two functions in one unit. You can also include a water tank to ensure that hot water is available, which can be used to wash dishes, bathing, maintain cleanliness and whatever you want. The heating and cooking oven with cast iron heating plates and oven allows you to cook any dish.

Embodiment – Econom

Simple single-zone stove and hob, for heating up to 25 sq.m. Brick without processing, without decorative elements. Price from EUR 2000

Embodiment – Business

Stove for an area of more than 30 sq.m, improved fittings, processing of the appearance of bricks, decorative elements. Price from EUR 3500

Embodiment – Exclusive

Stove for an area of over 50 sq.m, processing the appearance of bricks, exclusive author’s solutions, combination with other stove appliances Price from 4500 EUR


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