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Heating stove – fireplace

The main purpose Of Heating stoves follows from their name. The main goal is to heat the room and keep the heat as long as possible, evenly giving it over the course of the day. It should not be so that in the evening, while burning the oven, it becomes unbearable hot, and in the morning the water freezes on the floor. The correct heating stove should be heated throughout its height, from the first to the last row, easily melted, do not smoke, be easy to operate, with high efficiency, fire-proof and with protection from carbon monoxide. At present, high demand is used in the stove – fireplace, which can operate in two modes:

The fireplace mode and the furnace mode.

The stove equipped With A Bread chamber performs several functions at once – it is the main, additional or reserve source of heat, decoration of the interior, and also allows you to cook food according to the principle of a Russian oven.


The heating and cooking oven was designed as a dual-use device. Its clever concept combines the central heating system and simultaneously prepares your favorite dishes. The wide range of oven accessories available on the market allows to design devices that meet not only high quality standards, but also individual esthetic tastes. However, before you make your choice, you need to know what it is and how the oven works on wood. The heating and cooking oven works well as central heating equipment, as well as old-style kitchen for cooking and roasting. High thermal efficiency up to 85% in the central heating system with the correct power can serve to heat up a room area of 60 sq. m..

The combination between the central heating unit and the wood hob is the ideal solution that combines two functions in one unit. You can also include a water tank to ensure that hot water is available, which can be used to wash dishes, bathing, maintain cleanliness and whatever you want. The heating and cooking oven with cast iron heating plates and oven allows you to cook any dish.

Outdoor BBQ- complexes

The outdoor BBQ- complexes, which become the center of attraction for comfortable pastime and preparation of exquisite dishes, are becoming increasingly popular among owners of household plots. The size, shape, composition of complexes is limited only to your imagination. The furnace complex can include the following modules:

Open fireplace, module for grille, module for casan module – tandem, module – smoker, module – mini Russian stove, module – pizza oven, module for storing firewood, module – washing.

Sauna stoves

The choice of a sauna oven is not simple, in more detail we tried to tell in our article. We have experience of preparation of a room under a pair, depending on your choice we will install a metal stove, we will make a brick screen for it. If you wish, we will complete the furnace with a brick shield. We put a completely brick sauna oven. Contact us to help you find the best solution.

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Кудинова Вера Александровна
Кудинова Вера Александровна
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Здравствуйте . Сколько стоит печь как белая с лежанкой и можно ли сложить её в Туле ?

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