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We have extensive experience in planning, designing and building wood stoves for all types of houses and weather conditions

Founder and head – Stanislav Denisov

About me

I have been working in this industry since 2011, at first it was a hobby, I moved to live in a village where there was no heating, gas did not anticipate, and electricity is only 3 kw. I read many books on the arrangement of furnaces, constantly tried all furnace forums, as a result, two furnaces appeared in the house. Then the neighbors began to ask to build for them, and one thing led to another. In 2018, I participated in a training seminar led by engineer Igor Kuznetsov, the founder of modern furnaces, whose developments are recommended for use in Europe, the United States and Canada.

Our customer reviews

Vyacheslav is a pensionerMoscow region, Kolomensky district

There was an old Russian stove in my house, as I recall. Firewood consumed nemerianno about 8 buckets and as a result, all the same, they walked around the house in felt boots in winter. I saw how the guys work in our village - decided. He broke the old stove and invited Stanislav. A 3.5 by 3.5 brick baking oven was built in a week. When the cold came, the stove showed itself in all its glory: 1-1.5 buckets of firewood and completely warm from bottom to top. The first winter when I go home in slippers. Thanks to the Master!

Alexander, entrepreneur

During the construction of my country house, the question of whether the stove will be in the house or not was not even discussed, there was only a misunderstanding of what it should be, there were a lot of wishes. As a result, Stanislav proposed and implemented a super-stove that heats and feeds (a really weighty piggy breaks into the oven) and treats (a warm stove bench in size as a full bed) and a fireplace with an open fire for the soul. Respect!

Igor, farmer

Our old Swedish stove, at one fine moment at the very beginning of winter, stopped heating, the smoke went into the room, in addition, it looked depressing, cracks around the firebox, the door had almost fallen off. He turned to Stanislav. Before he could look back, he expertly dismantled half the stove, cleared all the passages, re-stacked the firebox of a new design and put in new doors. The stove began to warm better and consume almost half as much firewood. Thank you so much!

Oleg, director of IT company

I want to say many thanks to Stas, for the stove in my country house! The stove perfectly performs its direct functions - heats the house! In addition, she adorns the interior wonderfully and helps us prepare very tasty and healthy food! Our stove has been pleasing us for five years now. Stas was able to solve difficult technical problems - to dismantle the fireplace, dismantle the old chimney, connect an additional cast-iron stove on the second floor. Everything was done strictly on time and with brilliant quality. I will be pleased to recommend Stas as an excellent Master!