Heating stove – fireplace

The main purpose Of Heating stoves follows from their name. The main goal is to heat the room and keep the heat as long as possible, evenly giving it over the course of the day. It should not be so that in the evening, while burning the oven, it becomes unbearable hot, and in the morning the water freezes on the floor. The correct heating stove should be heated throughout its height, from the first to the last row, easily melted, do not smoke, be easy to operate, with high efficiency, fire-proof and with protection from carbon monoxide. At present, high demand is used in the stove – fireplace, which can operate in two modes:

The fireplace mode and the furnace mode.

The stove equipped With A Bread chamber performs several functions at once – it is the main, additional or reserve source of heat, decoration of the interior, and also allows you to cook food according to the principle of a Russian oven.

Embodiment – Econom

A small, simple, efficient stove for heating rooms up to 30 m², without brickwork, without additional appliances. Simple, fast, efficient

Price from 2000 EUR

Embodiment – Business

A heating stove for an area of over 30 square meters, processing the appearance of a brick, small decorative elements, one additional appliance (oven, stove bench)

Price from 3000 EUR

Embodiment – Exclusive

A heating stove for an area of up to 150 sq.m (on two floors), processing the appearance of bricks, decorative elements, exclusive solutions, additional appliances.

Price from 5000 EUR


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