Why choose a wood stove?

Our stove heats the house in all weather conditions.
Allows you to save firewood, time and money.
It has a positive effect on health and well-being.
You can cook, drink coffee in your warm home, as usual, when your neighbors wear warm jackets in the house, and gloomy messages appear in the media about storms affecting entire areas.

It's comfortable?

Due to its large mass, the stove can maintain heat for more than 24 hours. In spring and autumn, you can heat in a day or as needed. If you flood in the evening, you will have warmth all night until the next evening. Great, right? Everyone rushes in the morning, but when you have our stove, you belong to those who can stay in bed for a while. The house is not cold. When you return home in the evening, you do not need to rush to light a fire. Your house has not lost many degrees. You always have time for your loved ones in the winter, because you give the stove a maximum of 10-20 minutes a day. Actual fire burning takes 1-2 hours. And even this pure pleasure is meditation, looking at the flames.

How does our stove affect the environment?

You don’t feel guilty about environmental degradation from burning wood – a renewable energy source. Wood is the most affordable and cheapest energy in Spain. It is neutral with respect to CO and does not affect the greenhouse effect, and not only: emissions from our stove are significantly lower than the allowable emission limits, compared to metal stoves and traditional fireplaces.

Is this rational?

You receive the least possible loss when you place your main source of heating in the house. You do not need to build a separate room for the boiler on wood, diesel or pellets. Here you also save money on the fact that you do not need an additional fireplace to contemplate the fire.

Does it depend on electricity?

Your total energy consumption will drop dramatically, as our furnaces operate without electricity. You do not need to worry about further increases in electricity prices. Your concern for a power failure becomes only a memory. Do you have any kind of air conditioner, even the most modern, it is obviously cheaper than direct-acting diesel and electric heating, but your electricity bill is not so low, the air conditioner still consumes a lot of precious electricity. Due to the extremely low consumption of firewood you will have real savings, this will be half the cost of heating compared to pellets. You have your own firewood, then the savings will be even greater. The consumption of wood will be ridiculously low, since the efficiency of your stove reaches 93%, and all the heat is stored in the room. Not only do you save on heating, keep in mind that the cost of your home increases significantly when it has a sustainable, economical and climate-friendly heating solution.

Is it safe for health?

If you used to have a cast iron stove or insert, you will notice a huge difference. You have to drown, drown and drown to keep warm. Dry air causes the airways to lose their natural protection against bacteria and harmful substances in the air you breathe. What air do you think gets into your lungs when you heat metal stoves? Remember that all dust particles that circulate in the room from building materials, clothes, furniture, pets, etc., burn out when they get on a hot metal surface and form harmful substances. You have no such risk with our stoves. The surface temperature is between 40 and 60 degrees. If your house has a musty smell and mold due to the fact that there is no or poor ventilation, our stove will correct this because It is a powerful ventilation duct and humidity regulator in the room.

Is it reliable?

You probably know that all electronics fail more or less, and currently you rarely repair it, you have to replace whole components or buy new ones, and it costs money! Stove technology is hundreds of years old. The service life of our stoves is at least 20 years when used correctly. We use materials with special properties suitable for this type of furnace. Maintenance and care are simple, as we always provide our customers with a detailed operation manual step by step and keep in touch with you. You can feel safe because we provide a 2-year free service that ends with a free review. Later you can service yourself, you get an easy-to-read service book from us. Typically, stoves are very durable, but if an accident occurs, for example if the brick burst. Since it is laid on clay mortar, you can easily remove the brick and replace it in about 20 minutes. What could be easier?

Do you like complete solutions?

We will take care of your project from idea to fact, with the right size, to be able to heat your entire house or as additional heat. If you have an open plan or several rooms, one or several floors for heating, we will always find a solution that will please you. You do not need to adapt the house to the furnace – we adapt the furnace to your house.

We can do all the work from the foundation to the chimney. If necessary, minor work on electrical and water supply. You want to do the preparatory work yourself – no problem, we help for free with recommendations and tips on how to do this. If you have or are planning any modern ventilation system, we can configure the stove so that you can start it with outside air directly into the stove.